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One of the most important aspects of Berlin’s identity as a world class city is its rich and vibrant cultural life.The city is home to as many as 153 museums with the Museum Island being its prime cultural destination besides being designated as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.Berlin is both the capital and largest city of Germany.As one of the most important centers of culture, politics, media and science in Europe, Berlin is widely accepted as a world class city whose residents have wide ranging opportunities to live and love avidly.Our commitment to this belief has driven us to become one of the most trusted professional dating sites Australia has to offer.As a global dating agency we unite on average 2000 new couples every month in more than 20 countries, a fact were very proud of.But I wasn’t quite prepared for just how open it is to open relationships. Is poly – having more than one loving relationship with the full support and trust of all partners involved ­– becoming as common as monogamy? Polyamory is not featured as a tick box in any census but anecdotal evidence suggests it is on the rise throughout the world.“I would almost say polyamory is the standard go-to here,” says Zoe, who was in a poly relationship while living in Dublin.

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You know how tedious it can be to flirt over the internet with people you may or may not have chemistry with.

You recognise the annoying term ‘ghosting’ and you’ve experienced it – you may have even done it yourself.

What you might not know yet is if the potential partner you’re trying to click with is polyamorous, or poly for short.

There for more than spiritual peace and curiosity, I kept true to my mission and started scoping. Here were men at peace with themselves, constantly reflecting on their role in the world, humbly dressed in the traditional toga-style get-up.

As the singing started, it crossed my mind that maybe I needed to get out more. I couldn’t restrain myself from wondering what it would be like to sidle over to one of them and tuck myself into those folds, to nuzzle their shaved heads in the morning. So much so, in fact, that I decided to leave before the meal, worried I wouldn’t be able to form full, intelligible sentences to speak with them. But what if I wanted a man whom I wouldn’t have to share with a guru?


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